I provide a full range of pattern grading and marking services, starting with your pattern parts or CAD file, and ending with finished production markers, printed to your precise specifications and optimized for fabric utilization.

Digitizing — Pattern parts are read into the computer using a Lectra digitizer, and are then ready to be graded and marked.

Grading — Pattern grading is the process of scaling a reference pattern to different sizes. I use Lectra Systemès software to grade your patterns, based on industry guidelines, or to customer-supplied specifications.

Marking — Pattern marking involves laying out the graded patterns on production markers - large rolls of paper with all the pattern pieces laid out in an optimized arrangement - ready for cutting. Finished markers are printed using a Lectra Systemès plotter.

Other Services — In addition to production markers, I can supply, on request, digital marker files for use when outsourcing cutting to other countries. I can also accommodate other CAD formats, such as Gerber.

In most cases, I can also make first patterns and production-ready patterns from client-provided samples or sketches.

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Andrew Gloninger offers a full range of pattern grading and marking services

Pattern Grading & Marking

by Andrew Gloninger


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